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  • Artykuł pochodzi z numeru IUSTITIA 1(39)/2020, dodano 10 sierpnia 2020.

Sądy w Polsce i innych krajach a epidemia COVID-19

Stowarzyszenie Sędziów Polskich „Iustitia”

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Courts in Poland and other countries in the situation of COVID-19 epidemic

The “Iustitia” Association of Polish Judges presents comments (recommendations) elaborated by the Civil Law Section  in collaboration with the International Relations Section  concerning the functioning of courts during the coronavirus epidemic in our country, as well as information on certain solutions in the judicial system in other countries. The focus of this paper is, first of all, concern about public health in Poland as well as respect for the constitutional right to trial. It is a response to the lack of comprehensive detailed recommendations which should have been prepared by the Ministry of Justice.


Key words: Functioning of courts during the Covid-19 pandemic, recommendations of SSP Iustitia, public health in Poland, constitutional right to court

1 Informację na temat USA opracowano na podstawie: Preparing for a Pandemic: An Emergency Response Benchbook and Operational Guidebook for State Court Judges and Administrators – Conference of Chief Justices, Conference of State Court Administrators Pandemic and Emergency Response Task Force. Informację na temat innych krajów opracowano na podstawie: The National Judicial College, Lessons Learned from Around the World About Managing Courts in a Pandemic, 23.3.2020 r. Tłumaczenia z jęz. angielskiego dokonał Tomasz Posłuszny.

2 Ustawa z 26.6.1974 r. – Kodeks pracy (t. jedn.: Dz.U. z 2019 r. poz. 1040 ze zm.).

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